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Susan Flint Rajkumar I have lived in India since 2005. I mingle with people of many different religions, skin colors, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. This diverse population gives me a lot to think about. Touched by my experiences here, I gladly share with you my impressions, memories, and lessons gleaned. In my early 50s, the course of my life changed by taking one online art class. Many things have changed, and how pleasing!

We published our first novella together!

March 1, 2018

Yeah, that's my guy. His name is Raj and we've been married for over 12 years. We met in 2001 under unusual circumstances, liked each other, and then decided how we'd work this "thing" out--he's Indian, and this is a "love marriage." But in my tradition, all marriages are for love. In India, the general consensus (but I hear that it's changing) is arranged marriage.
This week we published a near-future Sci-Fi dystopian cyber adventure. We are so happy about it--although I'm still a little perplexed about our actual audience. Who are they? I know it's not for most of my dear friends, as there are some difficult scenes and maybe 6 swear words. I'm writing for the general public, but I didn't make it violent enough, I'm sorry to say. These things I won't compromise. 
When I revised the first chapter and decided that one of the characters had to have a difficult life-experience, I couldn't sleep for two days and cried while writing the whole scene. It was disturbing to me that I had to do this to a character. Call me sensitive--well, yeah...I am. Not thin-skinned, but sensitive to other entities and energies. Characters most certainly have energies of their own.
The book has some spiritual experiences in it, but I did my best to write it in such a way as, "business as usual," because that's how it is in my life these days. Interesting experiences can't be treated as "Wow, Oh my God" because that's a place of excitement and almost disbelief. We stand solid in our trust and belief--and share a knowing that "the unseen is the real and the seen is the unreal," as Paramahansa Yogananda said. This is how I live my life, at least. My scientist husband is getting used to it, still.
This is true for me. I see a lot of the unseen. Sometimes I'd like to un-see some of the unseen. I smile as I write this, because when we use the mirror metaphor, we are allowed to see what we can let go of. We can choose to hold fast to beliefs that help us attain a certain spiritual practice, for example constant contact with our Divine source, our God.
I didn't intend to deviate from the subject in such a big way. It all comes full-circle. Now I'm a book seller. I'm selling our book to whom it appeals. This I'm still learning--we're still learning, my dear husband and I. Writing together is a big part of the way we relate to each other in our relationship. It's like a new kind of romance--to watch what we do with each other's ideas and how we spin the tale.
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