Yesterday I completed three more new paintings. (Please see my "100 Paintings Challenge" page.) Well, I write completed, but who is to say when it is ever really complete? Maybe I learned what I needed to learn. On painting # 9, I learned a little about foreshortening the wings, about movement, and about using other colors (darker colors) for shadow.
Still, I'm practicing the new techniques, the surface treatments that I learned in the online class.
Currently I'm preparing more boards for new paintings, and can't wait to begin. I have 12 new boards. Right now they are drying, and then I'll sand them.
In other news, the monsoon has finally come in full-force. We planted another garden (renting a tiny little acreage up the road.) The beans, corn, garlic, and potatoes are up...waiting for the rest. Somebody reported that some of the seeds that I had given them were old and didn't germinate, but I find it hard to accept and expect to see the rest growing strong soon. If not, I can always replant, if need be. There are 3 growing seasons here!