Have you ever read a book that awakened something important for you? These past few months have been markedly insightful in my personal life, especially in relationship with living and “dying.” A number of people close to me returned to God these past two years...six people. In my spiritual practice, I believe that when we return to God, it will be the best time of our life, as we reunite and become one again with our source of inspiration. And this is why a celebration is due for our homeward-bound friends and family members, although sometimes difficult, being human.

Recently I read a special book called The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan. This powerful account of Annie Kagan's spiritual experiences through her brother's passing to the next world(s) offered great insight into one's possibilities in life and in "death." Suddenly I wanted to live more. The messages between the lines in this book gave me confidence in understanding how I need to go about my life and what can change.

Kagan graciously opens the spiritual door wider for those who have been searching for answers, as she collaborates with her "deceased" brother to document and understand his experiential knowledge from the divine realm. This may seem strange for some, but it answered and confirmed experiences that I have had with people and my own memories of “the afterlife.”

Further, this book supersedes the intellectual, and if the reader is willing, may experience the divine power contained within the words of its pages. We never really die; rather, our souls continue to grow and change with the assistance of higher beings. This is something I've known, however Billy's description, his narrative of life after death triggered some reminder inside. A forward momentum force has been ignited. I like that when a book does this.

These days I've been feeling exceptionally happy. Not the usual "happy," but a distinct increase, as if God turned up the "happy volume" inside. My husband asked me, "Ok...what did you do? the change was that noticeable. As a result, I've been getting up every morning feeling good about my life, about the direction of the world—I see greater possibilities for Good, and I wish the same for you all as well.