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Susan Flint Rajkumar I have lived in India for over a decade, and have called many other parts of this world my home. I mingle with people of many different religions, skin colors, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. And I am happy to call them my friends. At age fifty, I decided to change the course of my life by taking one art class. Many things have changed, and how pleasing!

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22nd Painting albeit Late

Posted by Susan Rena Rajkumar on Sunday, August 31, 2014, In : Art 

Life in motion begins today. What does that mean? Today I had some thoughts that set many ideas in motion—and gave me hope for the future. Sometimes we can be bogged down with “this reality,” and for me, it happens more as a feeling, as I try hard not to keep up with current international events. Sure, the information reaches me in one way or another as I am in this world, but keep my focus on the Divine, mostly.

A few days ago a friend asked when I was going to finish my 100 painting...

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