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Susan Flint Rajkumar I have lived in India since 2005. I mingle with people of many different religions, skin colors, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. This diverse population gives me a lot to think about. Touched by my experiences here, I gladly share with you my impressions, memories, and lessons gleaned. In my early 50s, the course of my life changed by taking one online art class. Many things have changed, and how pleasing!

Facing Compensatory Mechanisms

Posted by Susan Rena Rajkumar on Sunday, September 11, 2011 Under: The Spiritual Life

We live in changing times. Many things are changing, even inside of ourselves. At best, we are getting stronger inside, learning from our mistakes and receiving deep spiritual insights that allow us more wisdom. And this is the time to be in action more, a time to fully experience life's wonderful gifts.

There is something that I'd like to write to you about today. It has to do with a small mechanism that is built inside of us--and this is not scientific, by the way, it's my own personal observation within myself. Our bodies are built to survive many situations—physical spiritual or emotional. And what I have noticed is how our minds have the ability to compensate for emotional difficulties.

Someone who has a strange childhood learns how to adapt to her situation in the best way that she can. Likewise, the mechanism that causes one to adapt is what I am talking about. It's like a compensatory program to avoid the difficult moments, or even block out the memory. I know this from personal experience. This can also be applied on the physical level.

Here in India, I see this with people who were not corrected for a small injury to the ankle as a child, and as adults, they walk on the side of their ankle. You see, if these things aren't quickly taken care of or corrected on the physical level, then the muscles, tendons, and ligaments compensate for the part of the foot or ankle that is out of balance.

This is a drastic example that I share with you, because the same kind of compensation is possible for emotional/spiritual situations. First it starts on the emotional level and if it is not corrected, it transfers to the spiritual realm to the soul—and ultimately manifest inside the body as a physical disorder. I realize that this is a very hasty explanation of a vague concept. Maybe the following example will help illustrate my understanding.

A week ago, I was watching an introductory video to a singing course. The singing coach also gave the same example of compensatory behaviors in athletes, and he likened it to the vocal chords of a singer. He stresses that when we stop using the wrong muscles for singing, then we won't be compensating any more, and we will sing easily, with freedom. No more falsetto, or crackling voice, or strain to get the right pitch. He also alluded to the same kind of transformation in other areas one's life once you buy and practice his system of singing, but since I haven't bought the CD series, this will be left in the mystery until I do.

Do you ever notice that whenever we avoid the tasks or trials in our life that God has given to us—they seem to persist and get even more amplified? For example, there was always a certain "type" of person that I resisted. Invariably, I was paired up with someone of the same archetypal quality in a class, on university trips, and so on. Now that I've moved through my resistance (and judgment) I'm glad to have the company people of this kind—they're a rare and delicate breed of human.

My point is, that it's God's agenda, not ours. We have the right to say yes or no. We live in the "free will zone." But ultimately, it is God who will decide when we have fully learned a lesson. And sometimes these lessons repeat over and over again until we get it right, until we attain the spiritual insight, the wisdom.

Likewise, many people think that bad traits go away just by ignoring them. When we consciously have a heart wish for things to go away, and we ask God for help—to take these burdens away from us—or better yet, that we give them to God, we may begin to see results. The other day I was talking about a spiritual experience I had a number of years ago, and it had to do with the way I was pleading to God for the right result. I had been asleep, and when I woke up, I was sitting upright in my bed, arms up in the air pleading to God for the right result, acknowledging my mistake and asking for forgiveness. The next morning the right result came, along with the insight and wisdom.

That's what spiritual development is all about, being conscious of the patterns that God runs by us again and again, so that we learn. Do you ever wonder why that person sitting next to you is speaking loudly in your ear? We are learning patience and endurance; we are learning tolerance. This same girl may be the first person to respond to you with compassion and tenderness in y o u r moment of need. She may become your best friend or your wife.

How long will we hold on to these compensatory mechanisms? We did not come here to be spiritually crippled, or to walk around with pain and suffering on our ankles. Our bodies are built for Joy and for good health. We are here to perfect the body through God's wonderful gifts. We cleanse and purify by practicing divine teachings, and narrow our focus only on the Good. It's a good way to live, and many people will learn.

And this is how we go about our day. We help our friends in need, we pray for them, and they heal from their burdens. They in turn, will do the same for others. And little by little all of humanity comes together as one, no need to compensate for the difficulties that we'd rather leave in the closet. We take them out one by one, and face them together with God.


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