Garden time is so special to me. I go out into my garden and can sit or work there for hours. We have had monsoon rains fairly steadily since late May. Most of the time it is a misty rain, but as of recent times, it has become unseasonably wet--schools and colleges are closed because of the water. Nonetheless, this does not deter me from pulling weeds, trimming plants, and harvesting vegetables.
A few days ago my husband and I found that our strawberry plant had a gift for us, and we stood in the garden together savoring the sweetness of this tiny strawberry. I have some new designs and considerations for my garden, as my cats also use the space--so I must find a way to let them have their designated place to do their "business." I can't have random cat droppings...this morning an idea/solution came to me. I will update in my next garden update video.