My dogs are barking up a frenzy. I had let them outside from the back porch—the safe place similar to a den or kennel—where I enclose them when life in India gets too stimulating. Today, the political candidates are working their precincts well, with the huge speaker boxes tied to small vehicles run by two-stroke engines. They look more like little rickshaws with a pickup bed in the back. Some vehicles are SUV’s with speaker towers that barely clear the electrical lines, plastered with posters of the candidate’s face. There are processions with drummers, picket signs, and flags. We happen to live on the edge of two precincts. And so we have double-the-political-traffic. There is no sound ordinance with elections.

Today I am looking for God. Ah yes, he’s right here. I was just a little distracted with all of this sound stimulation. God’s my close companion in everything. And what comes to mind is the wisdom of paying attention to what happens in the world, but rising above it—not getting stuck in the drama of it—so that we stay Joyful in our hearts. This sound situation is the stuff that rants are made of, and I won’t go there.

My cats didn’t seem to have a problem with the current sound situation. They had a party in our bedroom. I found Gregory, the chunky furry-bellied fellow, splayed out and fast asleep amidst the broken mosquito netting, and the other, Kippy, was sleekly curled next to the overturned photograph on a nearby table. They looked so peaceful, that it made me take stock in their approach to the situation. Earplugs and a nap? No...

 It’s time to have a nice hot cup of toasted rice tea and cookies. The heat of this beverage is a wonderful tool for relaxing my body enough to let God back in. And it did just that!