Today I was cooking in God's kitchen. I cook every day. This is no ordinary kitchen, it's God's kitchen.  Everything in it belongs to God, and humans have the job to apprentice with God. This kitchen is like a laboratory. It is here that we create the sweet sauce of life. In this creation we are offered free will to make whatever we please, and that includes quite a menu. With God as lead Chef in this kitchen and guardian angels as assistants, we have all kinds of tools to create at will: how we conduct our relationships with our family, neighbors, friends, and how we determine our experiences in this life. “But what if you're missing a tool?” someone asks. Ahh, my little muffin. It is not like this. Not only is this is a state of the art kitchen, but it also applies ancient technology. We have the experience of many millennia at our fingertips in cookbooks! We practice cooking, and we perfect the dishes. If we make mistakes, we try it again. And again. And again, until we get it right. Then we move on to a new dish.

Yesterday when I was about to make a phone call, I asked God to speak for me, because I didn't trust myself to say the right words. Suddenly I had forgotten what it was that was in my mind to say, and sweet words came out of my mouth. Everything turned out well, and we were both happy.

These are the blessings in life, that God promotes goodness among our relationships, if you ask. If the dishes that we serve don't get good reviews, we ask God to choose a better recipe for us. And the most simple of it all, is that we just rely on our guardian angels and ask God for help.