Oh yes, my painting challenge. I didn't nearly forget. Two weeks ago I received a wonderful teaching from an Italian artist who is visiting India. He showed me how to hold my brush and how to stand up straight before an easel to paint. He showed me brushing techniques, and gave me kind encouragement.

Well, I'm very grateful, because this was my first painting lesson, aside from the lessons I received at a museum in San Francisco, California when I was 4...but that may not count. My Mother, who studied art and I consider an artist, wanted to be sure that we were properly exposed to art, and nurtured our creativity. Thank you, Momma.

I don't yet own an easel. Why not? I've been waiting for this experience to feel how it is to stand up for something I am doing. Mostly I sit, which feels a little...passive. Maybe it is time to stand. Tomorrow I am going to buy an easel.

Meanwhile, I painted a few watercolors—three—that are more "craftsy"and less "fine art." Do I really care? No. I am in my development stage. I'm learning that sometimes too much "technique" can interfere with the creativity, because I start to think about what I am doing. Some of my earlier pieces are lovely, whereas some of the more recent are more technical and less "from the heart and spontaneous."

This last watercolor piece I call "Love Effervescent" Merriam Webster dictionary cites the word effervescent as joyously unrestrained. I am feeling a lot of love these days, from the Divine. And this piece specifically reminds me of a spiritual experience I had in June, 2009, and again in June, 2014. Yes, there is so much to learn about love, as it is so effervescent, abundant and infinite. And how wonderful it is that we have it in our lives. I wish abundant love for you and yours.