Painting #12 San Francisco Night Line

Painting # 13 Austrian Joy

Painting #14 Wallflower Wallpaper.

So much has happened since last Sunday. More paintings. I'm learning about good quality paints and the right materials, and I'm not so sure if I can get them all here in India. Last week my husband and I were at the market in Ooty, and found the art store--a shop keeper who knew what masking fluid was, and where to get it. Ahhhh...he also had fan brushes, but was recently out of them, telling me that he'd order both for me.
So I have also been learning how to shade with pencil. Maybe I've mentioned this, but I notice that I'm paying closer attention to details and looking for the different shadows. This is reflected in painting number 13, which is a combination of two dimensional fantasy flowers juxtaposed against an inspirational landmark...the craggy rock face. While I haven't got all of the details in paint, it's still there. Tonight I am learning how to paint clouds. Thank you YouTube, and all of its contributors!I have more paintings, 14 completed paintings.