New art is coming through me again. Finally, like one of Ray Bradbury's poems about his muse stealing down his arm and coaxing him to write; a stirring has begun again inside. Bradbury writes, "I do not write/ the other me demands emergence constantly..." Ok. I wouldn't say that my muse is constantly coaxing me into doing art or writing, but lately I've been rather productive. 
Art and writing make me happy.
I've been following an art course called 21 Secrets, which has a lovely online community to give support and wonderful feedback. People are so kind. Strangers, complete strangers who don't know you offer wonderful comments. How else would a beginning artist continue, I ask? It takes some strength to come up with these ideas and then to present it to the world...unselfishly baring my insides.
A lovely comment from Emma was that she started to see my personal style beginning to emerge. Thank you, Emma. That's the nicest thing anybody could ever say to a beginner. And I know that you meant it.
Peggy offered to send me a care package with art supplies that I can't find here in India. Wow. These sincere "helps" from God and unseen friends are inspiring. Thank you all, from the deepest part of my heart.
Sometimes I'm blind to what it is that I'm doing; how helpful it is to have some foresight and expert guidance. I suppose that is the role of a teacher. My "live" teacher lives in Italy, and since he is busy during tourist season (he's a street artist) there's little contact, but I'm sure he'll like my new paintings.
The focus is on. Yes, it's switched ON. Best wishes!