These paintings have been in my plain view for a week—I had struggled with the idea that they were ugly. Ok. I can't accept this thought, but that is the thought that I've been working with. Yes, I'm on a 100 Paintings Challenge to paint 100 paintings, and yes, some of them may be ugly. But they are ugly in a "bad 80's mass production" kind of way. I took sandpaper to them to smooth off the rough bumps, and I'm going to start again on them...refining my skill development. Promise.

In other news, life is wonderful. Today feels as if a spiritual window of opportunity has opened up. If you recognize the feeling, maybe you might open yourself to the Good by taking a walk in nature, or by breathing in fresh country air. If you're in office, look outside of your window and appreciate the Good in nature, and intend to receive the power.

Meanwhile, I'll be painting art, singing, and taking in the Divine powers, or tuning in. Best wishes!