Tomorrow is Onam, a holiday celebrated worldwide exclusively by the people of Kerala. Onam includes all religions, and is a state holiday. This is my favorite holiday, because it reminds me of Christmas and Thanksgiving at the same time. Onam is a harvest festival that celebrates the abundance that God has given us. We give clothing or money to our family members and employees, or to people who perform services for us—such as our fisher woman, our trash collectors, and our coconut harvester.

This holiday reminds me of how abundant our God wants us to be. It's not an excessive holiday—such as the western versions of Christmas—nor is it gluttonous, such as the final servings of Thanksgiving. It is modest and light, free of too many expectations. This is what I love about my family in India. We keep things simple and uncomplicated. We get down to the point, and make it simple and easy. This is the first Onam celebration without my mother in law, Amma.

The streets are full of people talking excitedly, music booming from speaker boxes, people carrying their purchases home, and making trips to outside regions to be with their families. My neighbor brought us some payasam, the sticky delicious treat that is consumed at every celebration. Our feast will take place at my sister and brother in law's house. I've made a short stack of pita bread, and cheese. I will also be taking a very small kitten that my husband and I found a week ago. Her eyes had just opened. Her feeding and peeing schedule is rigorous, but what an amazing little spark of God. Her belly is fat now. Yes, God brings many gifts, and when we count them and appreciate them, more gifts fall into our lap. Yes, it is this kind of soulful prosperity that makes us rich on the inside.