Oh, the delicate things of life, such as a single fine grain of sand, the loving, lingering eye contact from your beloved, the cell membrane of a flower. What do all of these things have in common? When we make time to grasp on to life's tender details, we begin to observe God's “fine print,” the reason that we are really here.

Relationships and friendships are so important. We are similar to cells and grains of sand, that we all participate and respond and react with each other. A grain of sand, when heated up, will have friction with other grains of sand on the beach, or in a hot sand-frying wok. Cells participate with other cells—and as some scientific circles believe, that they communicate and interact with each other—just as we humans do, just as sand does.

I send my husband off every day with a special prayer for protection. I stand at the gate, lock the lock, and kiss his hand or elbow, or whatever happens to be hanging over the gate (that is, as long as nobody is watching, because I'm in India and these things aren't done) and I silently send him off with blessings. That lingering look from my husband as he leaves the gate is an acknowledgment. He knows that I do this for him every time.

But what is delicate can also become strong. This knowing look grows into a deep loyalty. Sand, when heated to a high heat in a Chinese frying-wok interacts with each other creating an evenly heated frying medium for nuts. Flower cells develop a strong stem and root system when the cells are all communicating effectively.

All of these delicate things are the beginning foundations or platforms that bring the divine closer to our hearts. Hot peanuts, strong, healthy flowers, and that special someone to share them with. Yes, it's the fine print. This is what God wants us to observe. And today, thinking about this makes me happy.