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Susan Flint Rajkumar I have lived in India for over a decade, and have called many other parts of this world my home. I mingle with people of many different religions, skin colors, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. And I am happy to call them my friends. At age fifty, I decided to change the course of my life by taking one art class. Many things have changed, and how pleasing!

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Taking Out the Trash

Posted by Susan Flint Rajkumar on Thursday, October 7, 2010 Under: The Spiritual Life

The other day I asked God to fill me up with his wisdom. This isn’t an unusual request for God. Actually, I begged like a child. Things in my life had become funny—like something needed to change. I live an Indian existence, so differently from my family in America. My values are so God focused, that sometimes the only things that I can talk about when I Skype home are gardening and healing. This is fine, but it must get boring for some who might rather have different conversations. My focus is only on the Good.

God’s wisdom is much more involved than we can ever imagine with our puny earth intelligence. It had never occurred to me to ask this of God before, for his wisdom. We walk around our villages, towns, and cities with blinders on. We believe that everything we “see” is real. Really, this “show” is just to distract us. What God wants us to see is really in the subtle nuances of human interaction; the minute details in nature; the non-verbal, intangible to most eyes; a sublime work of art that is in the midst of being created. I like to call this Divine action. God in motion is Divine action. And a lot of times it escapes us when we are in a frenzy to finish a project, or grappled with judgment or look at people with a critical eye, or have fear about finances.   

Often we get buried in daily activities, petty chit-chat, or drama-trauma. God isn’t really interested in this when you report to “home base” in the evenings before bed. No, God wants to know what part of the day contained the Good. And I capitalize the G, because in my vocabulary, Good is also the same as God, i.e. Good news! God wants the Good results, like bringing home an A on a report card! “Dear God, today I enjoyed the nature with my children. Thank you for shining the sun so brightly through the leaves.” Or, “Dear God, So and So needs your help. Please help.” God already knows the details, so it’s not important to pray about negative things, let alone, keep them in your heart...

And so after I asked God to fill me up with his wisdom, another thought came to me. This was, “Take out some more trash.” Oh. That’s right, the “daily chores.” Yes, as members of God’s family, we do have tasks and responsibilities, like clearing out old memories that are still painful, old beliefs that keep us in limiting situations, old and current fears that keep us from feeling Joy, critical thoughts about our spouse or friends that sabotage our marriage or relationships, and other excuses that keep our lives from being in God’s grace. We lose our connection to God with every negative thought.

And I know that this blog risks at sounding religious. Really, I make great efforts to keep it as secular as possible. I love for people of all religions to read and relate to at least some part of the blog. The blog-counter on my web page says that there are hits from 61 different countries (and counting,) so I like to keep my blog as accessible to as many people as possible. This is what we are here on Earth for, is to learn how to relate to each other as brothers and sisters. So, my dear friends, I’m so happy that I have so many brothers and sisters reading this!

And while God decides what kind of gifts to grant me this time, I can only wonder if I’ve made my heart a cleaner place. The way I tell this, is to phone home. This is the usual indicator that spiritual growth has been part of my week or month. If I don’t have a “flare up” with my family, then I know I get an “A” in God’s report card for the day.

Yes. So my gift this past month from God is to know that we have the freedom to choose Joy in our hearts. Most recently, I realized how important it is to just choose to be joyful. I said to myself, “Susan, just choose to be joyful!” And when I did this, I forgot about world politics, country politics, the contradictions in the media, the petty bickering. These things don’t support the Good.

And so what I wish for you is to clear all of that stuff out of your heart and enjoy the silent stillness and warmth of love within. Focus on the joy that you feel inside your heart right now in this moment. And then again in this moment. And then again…and soon it will be easier to clear out all of the trash, to make way for the most important event inside your heart: Love.

I might also mention that while doing this, I experienced moments of pain and sadness, and other negative emotions on their way out. I found that I had ways of acting that are not who I am, like hypocritical, false, and devious behavior. All of this stuff I gave away to God. This is an opportunity to cleanse and to get to know who is really inside of your body; this is an opportunity to know what your truest purpose is—what God’s plan is for you.

Please, so let’s ask God to fill us up with his wisdom. But first let’s take out the trash and clean things in our heart a little. God likes things to be tidy and in order. Start from now. Yes, let’s start now.

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