Yes, I knew that it would eventually come down to this: watercolor painting is part of the “program” if I want to be an artist. Not that I've dreaded it. I've painted little pieces—1.5 X 3 inch tiny paintings. There is a resistance inside somewhere that I have to let go of if I want to “get with the program.” It's a little intimidating—so much water in watercolor—it's as if one has to be constantly aware of how much water is on the paper, and plan ahead with what one wants to do. I liken wet paper and a paintbrush full of paint to opening up the microphone on air—live--at the radio station—without much of a script—and making the radio audience happy with my words, only this is visual and that is audio.

Once again I had been speaking with my painter friend from India who has 30 years experience. She tells me today, “Susan, if you really want to “get it” with painting, why don't you do some watercolor?” I cringed and fought inside. “Really?” I said casually. Oh God, I don't want to do this. “I know nothing about watercolor,” I told her. “It's easy. Just go to YouTube and you'll find a couple of classes.” Ok. Thank God for the information highway! Yesterday I had been feeling grateful for the internet in my life, and for all of the schooling and help I've received from the online connection and information.

Today I went to town to find a box of paints. Ok, and also to buy some fruit for the fast that I'll be starting tomorrow. I just watched four episodes of watercolor techniques with Lorraine Watry and six episodes of Kelly Edington which seem very straight forward. Thank you, ladies! So my lesson plan is in order, and I'm launching off in a new direction! Please wish me luck. Watercolors are in the house! ;-)